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  • Product Code: VJA To HDMI Cable
  • Availability: Pre-Order

  • ₹660.00

 VJA To HDMI Cable

Compatible Devices   : PC, laptop, Led/LCD Monitor , Projector 
Brand                         : Local Brand ( High Quality Product)
Type                           :  Display Port
Condition                   :  New 
Interface Type            :  VJA Male to HDMI Female  Cable
Color                          :   Black
Compatibility             :  Compatible with any device that has VJA interface such as Computer CPU, TV Setup Box, Video  Player, HD Cable Box, PC Stereos.

Warranty            :       1 month warranty provided  from date of purchase ; Gold/Silver plated (Color may vary)


A VGA to HDMI cable is a specialized adapter that allows you to connect devices with VGA output, such as older computers or projectors, to devices with HDMI input, such as modern TVs, monitors, or projectors. This cable typically converts the analog VGA signal to a digital HDMI signal, facilitating compatibility between different types of video equipment.

Conversion: Converts VGA analog video signals to HDMI digital signals, enabling devices with VGA outputs to connect to HDMI-equipped displays.

Compatibility: Supports a wide range of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, projectors, and older gaming consoles that output VGA signals.

Plug-and-Play: Often designed for easy installation and use without the need for additional drivers or software, making setup straightforward.

Resolution Support: Capable of supporting various resolutions, though it's crucial to check the cable's specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific devices and desired display quality.

Audio Transmission: Some cables also transmit audio signals, but this varies by product; ensure compatibility if audio transmission is required.

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