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320 GB Desktop Hard Disk

  • Product Code: 320 GB Desktop Hard Disk
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

  • ₹450.00

320 GB Desktop Computer Hard Disk

Company        : WD(Western Digital) / Seagate / any brand by Feasibility
Type               Internal Hard Drive (Normal)
Technology   SATA Hard Disk
Speed            : 7200 RPM
Usages          : Used Desktop Computer Hard disk

COD( Cash on Delivery) Available for only Rs.150 advance paid Customers.(Call Us for COD - 88 974 58 679)

Imp note: Hard Disk Model Number/Company Name /Bus Speed  will be change by feasibility , if required same as image/ details please contact by enquiry form or WhatsApp 


1) This is used and without box 320 GB Internal Hard Disk.

2) This personal computer 320 Gb Hard disk storage drive had completely inspected, and is in excellent condition with 100% health.

3) The images of this Personal Pc 320 Gb Hard Disk Drives are sample images only ,its helps to you to given an idea of how the actual product will like.

4) Once you will check the 320 Gb HDD desktop Computer Hard disk  model/RPM speed features and specification in official company website.

( ***here we are given only some known information as per our knowledge, in this information may have miner mistakes )

5) 100 % Money Back Guarantee if any damage in transport.

6) All India major cities delivery available.

7) Delivery Time 2-8 Business Days.

8)  Warranty provided for only Technical issues, in case of physical damages warranty not applicable

9) Special prices available for bulk orders, for bulk orders  contact through enquire form/WhatsApp no

  COD advance payment not refundable if any Cancellation after 8 hrs of order booking

Information :Used personal system Internal 320 Gb HDD disk drive sales online at Hyderabad in India, we deal all personal computers and Laptop Hand disks and Accessories Off line Sales at Hyderabad,  we deal all type of systems and Laptops peripherals , Internal and external Hard disks normal/Slim/barracuda/Surveillance and many more for sale  in India at Hyderabad, 

Usage: Suitable for various applications, including storing personal data, documents, multimedia files, and basic software applications. It can serve as both primary and secondary storage in desktop setups.

Reliability: Desktop HDDs are known for their durability and reliability under normal usage conditions. They can withstand moderate wear and tear and are less susceptible to physical damage compared to SSDs.

Cost-effectiveness: These drives are typically more cost-effective per gigabyte compared to higher-capacity drives or solid-state drives (SSDs), making them a budget-friendly option for users seeking moderate storage solutions.

Compatibility: Compatible with major desktop operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring broad compatibility across various platforms.

Power Consumption: While not as energy-efficient as SSDs, desktop HDDs generally consume a moderate amount of power during operation, contributing to overall system efficiency.

a 320 GB Desktop Hard Disk provides a balance of capacity, reliability, and affordability, making it suitable for users who need moderate storage capabilities in their desktop computers without the higher costs associated with larger capacity drives or SSDs.

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