• Hp Pentium 4 Systems

Used P4 Systems For Sale:

Model                 :            Intel Pentium 4 Systems

Brand                 :             Hp/Del/Hcl/Assemble

Ram:                   :            2 Gb DDR2 Ram

Hdd:                    :            80 GB Hdd

Monitor                :           15 " Lcd Monitor

Keyboard            :             Yes

Mouse                :            Yes

Note: Good Working Conditions P4 systems for Sale With 2Gb Ram, 80Gb Hdd, 15" Lcd Monitor, We Can upgarade Rams and Hdd's, we will provide Service warrenty for 1 year at out Store Only. 

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Hp Pentium 4 Systems

  • Rs 4,000.00
  • Rs 3,500.00


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