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DDR3 8GB Ram

  • Product Code: DDR3 8GB Ram
  • Availability: In Stock

  • ₹850.00

Desktop PC DDR3 8GB Ram

Company : Samsung

Type         : DDR3 Desktop Computer

Bus          : 1600 MHZ

Usages     : Used Rams

Warranty   : 1 Month

COD( Cash on Delivery) Available for only Rs 200 advance paid Customers.

Imp note: Ram Model Number/Company Name /Bus Speed  will be change by feasibility , if required same as image/ details please contact by enquiry form or Whatsapp


1) This is used and without box Samsung Desktop System 8 Gb DDR3  Ram 

2) This Samsung  8 Gb DDR3  Desktop Ram had completely inspected,  and is in excellent condition. 

3) The images of this Computer 8 Gb DDR3  Ram are sample images only ,its helps to you to given an idea of how the actual product will like.

4) Once you will check the 8 Gb DDR3 Desktop Systems Ram model/Bus speed/compatibility  features and specification in official company website

( ***here we are given only some known information as per our knowledge  , in this information may have miner mistakes )

5) 100 % Money Back Guarantee if any damage in transport

6) All India major cities delivery available

7) Delivery Time 2-8 Business Days

8)  Warranty provided for only Technical issues, in case of physical damages warranty not applicable

9) Special prices available for bulk orders, for bulk orders  contact through enquire form/Whatsappno

  COD advance payment not refundable if any Cancellation after 8 hrs of order booking

Information :Desktop Pc DDR3 8Gb Samsung Ram sales online throughout all India Major cities, Off line Sales at Hyderabad,  we deal all type of DDR3/DDR4 Rams for sale  in India at Hyderabad, we deal online and offline sales for Desktop Pc and Laptop peripherals Used DDR3 4 gb and 8 Gb laptops and desktop PC Rams 

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Product Code: DDR3 8Gb Samsung PC Ram
  • Availability: In Stock

DDR3 8GB RAM, or Double Data Rate 3 memory with a capacity of 8 gigabytes, is a type of computer memory module commonly used in older generation computers and servers.

Technology and Speed: DDR3 (Double Data Rate 3) RAM is a type of synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) that offers higher bandwidth and lower power consumption compared to its predecessors like DDR2. It operates at speeds typically ranging from 800 MHz to 2133 MHz, depending on the specific module.

Capacity: The "8GB" designation refers to the storage capacity of the RAM module. This means it can store and quickly access up to 8 gigabytes of data at any given time. This capacity is suitable for a wide range of computing tasks, from basic office work to moderate gaming and multimedia editing.

Form Factor: DDR3 RAM modules come in different form factors such as DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) and SODIMM (Small Outline DIMM). DIMMs are typically used in desktop computers and servers, while SODIMMs are used in laptops and smaller form factor computers.

Compatibility: DDR3 RAM is compatible with motherboards that support DDR3 memory. It's important to check the compatibility of the RAM with your motherboard before purchasing or upgrading.

Usage: DDR3 8GB RAM is suitable for a variety of applications, including multitasking, gaming, multimedia editing, and general computing tasks. It provides sufficient memory for operating systems and applications to run smoothly without experiencing performance bottlenecks due to insufficient RAM.

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