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DDR4 8 GB PC Ram

  • Product Code: DDR4 8 Gb PC Ram
  • Availability: In Stock

  • ₹1,250.00

     DDR4 8 GB Desktop PC Ram

·         Company  :  Hynix/Samsung/any brand by Feasibility

·         Type          :   DDR4 8 GB Personal Computer Ram

·         Bus           :  2400 MHZ

·         Usages      :  Used Rams

·         Warranty    : 1 Month

·         COD (Cash on Delivery) Available for only Rs 200 advance paid Customers.

·         Imp note: Ram Model Number/Company Name /Bus Speed will be change by feasibility , if required same as image/ details please contact by enquiry form or Whatsapp 

·         Note:

·         1) This is used and with/without box 8 Gb DDR4 Personal Pc Ram 

·         2) This desktop system DDR4 8 Gb  Ram had completely inspected,  and is in excellent condition. 

·         3) The images of this  personal system ram 8 Gb DDR4  Ram are sample images only ,its helps to you to given an idea of how the actual product will like.

·         4) Once you will check the 8 Gb DDR4 Computer PC Ram model/Bus speed/compatibility  features and specification in official company website

·         ( ***here we are given only some known information as per our knowledge  , in this information may have miner mistakes )

·         5) 100 % Money Back Guarantee if any damage in transport

·         6) All India major cities delivery available

·         7) Delivery Time 2-8 Business Days

·         8)  Warranty provided for only Technical issues, in case of physical damages warranty not applicable

·         9) Special prices available for bulk orders, for bulk orders  contact through enquire form/Whatsapp no

·           COD advance payment not refundable if any Cancellation after 8 hrs of order booking


·         InformationUsed Desktop Personal Systems ddr4 8 Gb Desktop Pc Ram sales online throughout all India Major cities, we deal all desktop Pc  DDR4 Hynix, Samsung, Kingstone, Accessories Off line Sales at Hyderabad,  we deal all type of systems and Laptops peripherals ddr3/ddr4  rams for sale  in India at Hyderabad, we deal online and offline sales for personal Computer and Laptop peripherals used and un used ddr3 


  • Product Code: DDR4 8 Gb Pc Ram
  • Availability: In Stock

DDR4 Technology: DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) is the fourth generation of DDR RAM, succeeding DDR3. It offers significant improvements in speed, efficiency, and capacity compared to its predecessors.

Capacity: The "8 GB" indicates the amount of memory the module can hold, which is 8 gigabytes. This amount of RAM is considered sufficient for most general computing tasks, including web browsing, office applications, and moderate gaming.

Form Factor: DDR4 RAM modules typically come in a DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) form factor for desktop computers. This means they have a rectangular shape with a number of pins that connect to the motherboard.

Speed: DDR4 RAM modules are available in various speeds, commonly ranging from 2133 MHz to 3200 MHz and beyond. The speed determines how quickly data can be transferred to and from the RAM.

Voltage: DDR4 RAM operates at a lower voltage (typically 1.2V) compared to DDR3, which helps reduce power consumption and heat generation.

Compatibility: DDR4 RAM is compatible with motherboards that support DDR4 technology. It's important to check compatibility with your motherboard and CPU before purchasing.

Performance: Upgrading to DDR4 RAM from older generations like DDR3 can result in improved system performance, especially in tasks that require fast data access and multitasking.

DDR4 RAM remains a current standard for desktop computers as of mid-2024, although DDR5 RAM is gradually becoming available. DDR4 is expected to remain relevant and supported for several years.

 DDR4 8 GB PC RAM offers a good balance of capacity, speed, and efficiency for most desktop computing needs, providing reliable performance and future-proofing for moderate to advanced users.

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